Product Information

Pull as singles or in trains behind a tractor.

The MISKIN Construction Scrapers are for general construction and dirt moving jobs. They are built tougher then "farm" scrapers, yet still can offer a huge cost savings compaired to traditional self-propelled scrapers or articulated trucks w/excavators.

SP-C9 (3 meters wide overall, 9 yards)

SP-C17 (12 feet wide overall, 17 yards)

PL-17 Ejector Scraper (Push-loadable)

D-19 (12 feet wide overall, 19 yards)

New E-20 Ejector Scraper (12 feet wide overall, 20 yards)

D-26 (16 feet wide overall, 26 yards)

CLICK HERE to download a Scraper Brochure (1.1mb)

CLICK HERE to download "DirtCost.xls" spreadsheet.

Plug in your own numbers to compare cost per yard using Miskin Scrapers vs. any other machine or method.

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