Miskin PL-17 Ejector Scraper

Product Information

The MISKIN PL-17 scrapers are "Push-Loadable"

for working in Rock, Sand, and other materials

where traction for loading is difficult.

When Push-loaded, a small inexpensive tractor can be used for transport.

Or self-load using a larger tractor.

17 Yard Ejector Scraper (under 11 ft wide overall) for easy transport.

Rear hitch for pulling in trains

Heavy-Duty construction (26,000 lbs) it weighs

more that any other pull-type ejector scraper.

"Mega" Hitch with 60mm pin.

Available with or without front dolly wheels

Large 64 inch apron (gate) opening to allow dirt to move into and out of the scraper easily

"Push-out" Ejector unloads clean even sticky soils, and precision spreads on grade.

Patent Pending "Dual Speed" ejector clinder has high force when starting to unload, as unloading continues it automatically shifts to high speed. This makes overall unloading time about 1/2 that of other pull-type ejector scrapers. Now you won't have to slow down, or stop and wait for the scraper to unload.

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