Miskin E-20 Product Information

The MISKIN E-20 scrapers are "Super Durable"

made for todays High-Speed, High-Horsepower

"Industrial Tractors"

Pull as singles or in trains behind one tractor.

Hydrauilic Accumulator "Cushion Ridetm" for high speed hauls

20 Yard Construction Scraper (under 12 ft wide overall) for easy transport.

Shields for protection when top-loading.

Heavy-Duty construction (27,140 lbs) it weighs more that any other pull-type scraper.

Larger Pins with replaceable bushings throughout.

Heavy-Duty "Mega" Hitch with 60mm pin.

4ea. Heavy Duty Tires 23.5x25 have more floatation than any other scraper.

Oil-filled Hubs

19" blade clearance (even while unloading).

Large apron (gate) opening to allow dirt to move into and out of the scraper easily

"Push-off" Ejector unloads and precision spreads on grade.

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