Pull-Type "VIBRATING" Compactor.

18 Ton

Miskin Scraper Works, Inc., proudly introduces its new 18-ton Pull-Type Vibrating Compactor, which compliments its line of pull-type Scrapers, DumpWagons, and WaterWagons.

While Pull-type compactors have been around for some time, the Vibrating Drum ads efficiency by requiring fewer passes to achieve the required compaction. Can be pulled in trains of two or three for efficiency.

The compactor’s hydraulic vibrator is operated by the tractor’s sophisticated hydraulic system. The vibration frequency can vary with the amount of oil the operator sends to the Miskin Compactor from the tractor. The tractor’s hydraulic flow is constant at any engine speed or gear selection. Tractors have good floatation and traction in soft conditions, and lots of pulling power. Tractors also typically have several gears under 4 mph, to precisely control the travel speed. Some tractors have ‘Ground Radar” controlled transmission/engine speed to maintain a constant speed regardless of slip, or grades. Consistent ground speed and precise control of the vibration, give the operator the ability to achieve the desired compaction consistently.

Because the tractor is separate from the Vibrator, the operator is very comfortable in his vibration-free cab. Todays tractors feature dust free, air conditioned/heated, noise controlled cabs, loaded with operator comfort.

“High tractor utilization is the key to efficiency.” says Mike McCrory, Sales Manager. “The Miskin product line offers a variety of construction tools to utilize the tractor”

Weight 35,750 lbs
Compacting Force 58.4 tons
(vibrating force plus machine weight)
Freqency 25 hz
RPM/Amplitude 1500/0.071”
Drum Width/Height 79”/72” (pad foot)
Overall Width/Length 94”/216”
Working Speed 2-5 mph
Hyd Flow Requirements: 38 gpm, 2200 psi
Vibrator: NSK (Japan)
Available in Pad-foot or Smooth drum.
US and Foreign Patents Pending