Company History

Miskin has been manufacturing pull-type scrapers since 1917

A Letter from Lola Miskin Goodenough

I may be the only person alive who remembers when the Miskin Scraper wasn't.

I can see him, Dad, still trudging to the little shed where there was an anvil and forge and perhaps a pair of pliars.

The first scrapers in Ucon, the wooden frame pained a bright dark red. Two eight inch wide wooden planks, one in front on which the attachment for horses, one in back on which the seat was screwed on. The seat he bought was a gastly green. He ordered wheels and when they came they were bright yellow.

Away they went to farmers around Firth and Shelley, twenty five - first order.

Jim McDaw used a forge that had to be blown hot with a bellow. A Gorgenson kid bent the pan end and Max Field helped put it all together. Frank Miskin did the paint on the "reach and grab it" and "stoop and catch it", with the red planks, yellow wheels, green workings that didn't match the green seat.


1934 Cat 22 pulling a Miskin Model D Scraper

Restored by Lester Aye

Moline Plow Company 1918 model D tractor (10 horsepower) /Miskin model A scraper


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