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The MISKIN Air Assisted Scraper Loading system.

Miskin Scraper Works, Inc., proudly introduces its new AirScraper™

The air assisted loading system allows you to load more dirt with the same tractor and scraper

Loaded without Air Assist (Air Off) Loaded with Air Assist (Air ON)

These photos were taken (with and without Air) using a Ford 8770 (142 hp) tractor and Miskin SP-C17 scraper (17 yards). Each took aprox 25 seconds and the same distance to load in the same dirt conditions with the same operator.

As dirt flows into the bowl of a self-loading scraper, it becomes compacted and more dense as the load grows. When the area just above the blade becomes more dense and cohesive than the new dirt trying to enter the scraper, the scraper will stop loading.

The Miskin's patented pending Air Assisted Loading feature sends a blast of compressed air up through the floor of the scraper. The air loosens the dirt in the bowl, making it less dense. More dirt can then enter the bowl.

The compressed air comes from an on-board tank. A compressor (hydraulically driven, or PTO driven) fills the tank when the tractor is transporting, storing energy in the tank as compressed air. When the tractor begins loading the scrapers, the operator turns off the compressor to give all available horsepower to the loading operation. As the operator finished his load as normal, he hits the "air blast" button, sending a large blast of air up from the bottom of the bowl.

The Air Blast can also be used when unloading to blast the bowl clean in sticky soils, to avoid carry-back.

Download a video clip here (all the same clip, but in different formats):

airscraper.mp4 (2.6 mb)

Alt A airscraper.mov (877kb)

Alt B airscraper.mov (2.6mb)

Download a full report on our field testing here:

Miskin AirScraper report.pdf

Available soon, only on Miskin "D-Series" Scrapers. Patents pending and applied for domestic and internationally.

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