Product Information

8, 10, 12, 13, 15, and 18 ft. wide cut

8 to18 yards

For tractors 110 hp (82 kw) and up

MISKIN manufactures precision Laser Land Levelers for farm use


The scrapers are also uses without laser control for general dirt moving

A Ripper Attachment (optional) loosens the ground in the cut area so the field will

settle uniformly and better maintain its level

Miskin ScraperPlanes (SP series) are both a precision finishing scraper

and a rugged dirt hauler, combined into one machine

The Miskin ScraperPlane is designed for (not adapted to) use with lasers

It creates a smooth table top finish that no other machine can match

Pull in trains for effiecancy

Raising/lowering the front scraper blade does not affect the position of the rear scraper

8, 10, and 12 ft versions fit inside a standard container for ocean shipment

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